Ian de Hoog is a Canadian watercolourist and instructor living out on the West Coast of British Columbia. Ian developed an early visual interest in the medium due to the works of Franklin Carmichael and Toni Onley. However, it was during a brief stint studying architecture that a physical love of painting manifested. While primarily self-taught, Ian is very grateful for the recent opportunities he has had to study with Thomas Schaller and Herman Pekel.

Ian’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions and are included in a growing number of private collections around the world.

Artist’s Statement

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest it is the elements of this region that I continue to return to in my work. At some point or another, I have been in all the places that I paint whether it was during my time as a professional photographer, or in more recent years as a painter. I love revisiting places I once photographed in a new light and even more so I love standing in new places with my easel before me. My work is a re-creation of things I see, things I remember and often a reflection of how I am feeling.

Recent Exhibitions and Honours

2017: Art at Blue Cottage – Invited artist/exhibitor: White Rock, BC

“Sunset on the Fen”, “Transit”, “Cumulonimbus”, “Hummingbird V”, “Monstera I”, “Golden Valley”

2016: Solo Exhibition: Moka House Coffee Grandview Corners, South Surrey, BC

2016:  Al Frescoes Spring Show – Exhibitor

“Sunrise on Spiritwood”, “Bird of Paradise”

2016:  Opus Outdoor Painting Challange – Participant

2016:  Camas Day Inspiration Paint-In – Selected Participant


2015: Solo Exhibition: Drumroasters, Cobble Hill, BC


2013: “Shift” Exhibition: Station House Gallery, Whitby, ON