Limited Space in Upcoming Opus Demo

Did you make a New Years resolution to attend a watercolour demo? Well, you’re in luck!!

I’ll be giving my┬áConfident Watercolour demo at the downtown Vancouver location on January 13, 2018. The 10 am demo is FULL but there is limited space available for the 12 pm demo.

Registration information can be found HERE


2 thoughts on “Limited Space in Upcoming Opus Demo”

  1. i’m new at your website/blog.
    i see you will be doing a demo soon.
    do you record these demos so your fans can watch them? on YouTube?
    I would love to watch you create a painting.

    1. Hi Bonnie, welcome and thanks for your question! I don’t have the equipment to record this demo on site. I have been dabbling in broadcasting via Facebook live in the past weeks but it is not something I have committed to regularly. If I think about it (and my phone is charged) I turn it on. I do intend to produce some short time-lapsed videos soon. I will also be developing a two-day workshop that I envision happening at some point during August/September. I would recommend signing up for either the blog or the newsletter to stay up-to-date. Cheers! Ian

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